Intercom Group Ltd. put into operation new production machines

On March 1, 2021, a NEW LINE FOR LONGITUDINAL CUTTING of coils and two new automatic lines for rolling open profiles for dry construction were put into operation at the production facilities of Intercom Group Ltd. in Varna for the production of galvanized profiles.

The LONG CUTTING LINE can process coils with a thickness of 0.40 mm to 2.50 mm and a maximum weight of 15 tons, at a high slitting speed (up to 150 m / min) with high quality and accuracy. This investment will allow to process up to 60,000 tons of coils of galvanized and cold rolled sheets per year, fully covering the increased needs for strips  for own production and will enable the execution of orders from many end customers with high quality requirements.

The two automatic lines cover the full range of profiles for dry construction - CD60, UD28, UW50, UW75, UW 100, UW125, CW50, CW75, CW100, CW125, UA50, UA75, UA100, UA125. The machines allow the formation of profiles of impeccable quality and increase the production capacity to 40,000,000 meters per year. The investment in new equipment is worth BGN 1,750,000 and is fully financed by Intercom Group Ltd.