Социална отговорност

Social Responsibility

With the great achievements in business come the great responsibilities towards all stakeholders. Responsibility towards the employees, communities, environment and the society in general. Intercom Group is very well aware of its influence that has in the environment that operates and has declared its engagement multiple times, by supporting different fields of the local cultural, sports and public life.



Intercom Group is famous for the long term support of the Bulgarian sport and empathy to Varna its traditions. Over the years, the company has sponsored and despite the complicate business environment in the country, keeps helping several sports clubs and variety of cultural and sports events.

GSK Intercom Group Chernomorski YunakTen years already, Intercom Group is the main sponsor of gymnastics sport club "Intercom Group - Chernomorski Yunak". That is the club where the bets Bulgarian gymnast and current Vice Minister of the Youth and Sports Jordan Yovchev had been training for years. Right now Chernomorski Yunak is developing some of the most talented young hopes of Bulgaria in this sport, who have the chance to train in training hall with Olympic standard equipment, thanks to the support of Intercom Group.

Cherno more Intercom Group

With the sponsorship of Intercom Group from 1997 to 2006 the basketball club "Cherno More" had one of the most successful periods in its whole history.

Spartak Intercom Group

Since 2007 the company has been supporting the women volleyball team of "Spartak-Intercom Group" and in 2008 and 2009 has hosted the Volleyball Cup Interkom Group tournament with the participation of the women national volleyball team that had their bronze medals from the European Volleyball league.

pluven maraton galata-varna

The 68th Swimming Marathon Galata-Varna. Intercom group sponsored the trademark for Varna and oldest swimming competition of that type in Bulgaria. There have been 165 swimmers that took part in the competition from Bulgaria, Serbia, Macedonia, Russia, Tunisia, Croatia, Belgium and Canada. The marathon has been taking place every year since 1939, and 1944 due to political reasons the only year when there had been no start.

Sponsorship TU VarnaSponsorship of the Technical University, Varna and successful mutual partnership. As a result of the organized trainee programs in Intercom Group, part of the team of the company for several years already are namely former students of the university.

10 knigi za varna10 Books about Varna Project - according to its creators this unique project will help in the future for the next generations to understand what kind of people the citizens of Varna had been in the beginning of the 21st century. Traditionaly the books include sections dedicated to the history and sociology of Varna, moreto, important events from the past year, sections dedicated to education, architecture, Varna landmarks, the faces of Varna and others. The series include articles, graphics and illustrations of hundreds of autors.

more i spomeniMusical festival "See and Memmories" - 16 years this international musical festival brings joy to the fans of the popular music in Varna with performance of sea themed songs. For many years Intercom Group is one of the sponsors of this musical forum, that meets different generations of singers, vocal groups and talanted performers from Bulgaria and Europe.




There have been multiple occasions when Intercom Group has reached its hand and helped homes for children with special needs, medical and social care in Varna and the region. Companies position on this matter is that when there is such a chance, it will try to help by providing resources that will answer specific urgent needs. An example is when we helped our friends from Karin Dom to buy equipment for presentation and training of parents to techniques for caring of kids with delayed mental development; equipment for a sensor room for children with multiple problems; musical system for sound support of the special children parties which the home organizes in order to help the children to integrate among kids of their age.

Thanks to Intercom Group the Home for medical and social care, Varna managed to acquire the so needed dual channel perfusor. This precious device purpose is dosed infusion of liquids which allows the smooth feeding and medical treatment of the youngest members of the home.

karin dom Dom za mediko socialni griji za deca Varna


Employees Social Commitment

da izchistim bulgaria za 1 denA constant part of the social responsibility of the company is the commitment of our employees who adopt the corporate values and give their personal contribution to the society while representing Intercom Group. Our collegues have been part of campaigns like "Lets clean Bulgaria for a day" and a fund raising campaign for the people that has suffered losses during the floods in the Biser village.