Transport and Logistics

The mission of Intercom Group Ltd. has always been focused on improving the quality and the range of services provided to our clients and partners. The goal to offer a complete service that would facilitate the shipping to variety locations in the country and abroad is achieved through the associated companies Intercom Sped and Intercom Shipping.


Land Transport

trucksIntercom Sped Ltd. offers its clients a complete range of logistical services, competitve freights, experienced team of professionals with more than 10 years background, licence  for international auto transport and a considerable truck fleet. 

The company fleet includes 20 open and 20 covered trucks with tractor engines MAN TGA440 EUR4. Another 5 vehicles are equipped with cranes with carrying capacity of up to 10 tons. All these trucks are utilized for domestic and international transportatio in Bulgaria and Europe, including transportation under the covarage of TIR carnet. 

The range of logistic services include:

  • Offering different options for transportation for the purpose of cost optimization and achieveing shortest delivery terms;
  • Providing detailed information to our customers about the mandatory documents (permits, certificates, etc.) necessary for the transportation of the cargo;
  • Organizing the transportation of the goods according to the destinations indicated by the customer and the requirements for the respective type of transport;
  • Dispatch of the requested transport vehicles at the designated time and location ;
  • Global Positioning Tracking of the transport vehicles and provision of precise information on its location;
  • Imposition of customs duties and drecting the transport vehicle to an unloading point.

For contacts and inquiries:

9009 Varna,
West Industrial Zone
Telephone: +359 888 235 550
E-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Waterway Transport

Intercom-IIntercom Shipping Ltd. is a dynamicly developing logistics company, which conducts river transport along all European inner waterways. The company is an owner of five propelled river vessels which travel from the delta of the Danube river to Kelheim, which connects the Danube river with the Rhein and Main river and the Western European sea ports. Part of the fleet of the company is the biggest freight ship sailing under the Bulgarian flag on the river Danube, namely St. Ap. Toma.

The transported cargo can be loose freight or large freight units ( such as machines, facilities, spare parts for wind generators).


  • Shipping of freights (including oversized ones)by land and waterway
  • Brokerage
  • Logistics support and spedition
  • Ship agency services
  • Water vessels staff recruitment

For contacts and inquiries:

16 Episkop Bosilkov, Str.
Telephone: + 359 82 83 21 43; +359 886 171 212; +359 889 710 578
Fax: + 359 82 83 21 43
Е-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.