LT 35 Rooftop Steel Sheets

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Roof sheet LT-35

Part of the nomenclature of “Intercom Group” is roofing sheet LT-35. It has many applications, such as it can be used for roofs and walls, for the construction of prefabricated structures, cladding decorations, fences. The thickness ranges from 0.4 to 0.8 mm and is made of galvanized sheet metal. Cold-formed trapezoidal profile LT-35 can be produced in lengths from 2000 to 12000 mm, according to customer needs.

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Parameters of the LT 35 roofing sheet machine
Working thickness from 0.4 – 0.8 mm
Working width 1250 (1050) mm
Weight of roll up to 10 tons
Length of details minimum 2000 mm – maximum 12000 mm

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