Intercom Group Chernomorski Yunak with incredibly strong performance at the NC in sports gymnastics - Intercom Group


More than 500 competitors from over 20 sport clubs around the whole country in all ages participated in the National Sports Gymnastics Championship, which took place 2-7th July at the training hall of “Arena Armeets” in Sofia.

The Varna based team of Intercom Group Chernomorski Yunak, sponsored by Intercom Group Ltd. litterally blew away the competition and occupied the top ranked places. That was another display of the steel strenght of the Varna sports gymnastics with serious amount of gymnasts among the highest standings, proven coaching style and exceptional work with the youngsters.

Dragomir Peev took first place in the all exrecise competition, bronze on floor, parallel bars and horizontal bar.

Velislav Valchev came on top in rings, horizontal bar and second in parallel bars.

Hristos Marinov is third in vaulting horse and second in rings. Emil Hristov – first in vaulting horse.

Among the younger age group Bojidar Todorov is third in vaulting horse and Georgi Dimitrov won the bronze in rings.

Denislav Damyanov won the gold on floor, bronze in rings, parallel bars and horizonta bar. Stanislav Vasilev is second placed in the vaulting horse.

A serious breakthrough for the Varna women gymnastics was the gold medal in the all exercise competition of Yanitsa Dobreva. For the first time among the women, Varna has its winner in the all events standings. Yanitsa also struggled and took the gold medals on ground and vault, and the bronze in parallel bars and balance beam.

Ina Dimitrova won the silver medal on parallel bars and balance beam and was third in all events final standings. Radostina Todorova from the cadette age group finished second in the vault, parallel bars, balance beam and floor.

Gabriela Petrova won the bronze on parallel bars and Denitsa Ivanova in the under 13 age group did the same in the balance bar discipline.

The successful formula of the steel-strong support of Intercom Group and the great work of the coaching teams, that manage to take out the maximum of the talanted kids, they work with, made of the Varna based club a total hit on the domestic gymnastics scene. Many other competitors form other clubs are willing to move to Varna and train with Intercom Group Chernomorski Yunak.